Autodesk® Utility Design

Autodesk Utility Design software helps utilities plan, design, analyze, and order materials for distribution networks faster, easier and accurately all in one solution. The software streamlines the design process with true rules-based automation by integrating the creation of construction sketches, performing engineering calculations to size facilities, and linking to ordering systems to create the correct material orders for new facilities. It also enables each utility to incorporate its design and construction standards and processes to ensure data accuracy and consistency.

Autodesk Utility Design Customization Information

AUD Features

  • Design Layout Tools
  • Engineering Calculations
  • Engineering Reports
  • Materials Ordering
  • Detailed Cost Estimates
  • Integration with work
  • Management Systems
  • Drawing manager
  • Facility information tool
  • One command to draw and label
  • Configurable user interfaces
  • Gas and water configurations
  • Built on AutoCAD Map 3D
  • Automated materials ordering COM API

Autodesk Utility Design

AutoCAD® Topobase™

Autodesk Topobase infrastructure model management software has a number of helpful features that make it easier to access and share CAD, GIS, and asset information. Topobase enables smooth, efficient communication of infrastructure data, with built-in workflows that improve efficiency and data quality.

Topobase Features

  • Single Source of Information
  • Industry-Specific Data Models, Workflows, and Business Rules
  • Open, Flexible Architecture
  • Integrated Web Access
  • Easily Manage Multiple Versions
  • Topobase Administrator
  • Topology

AutoCAD Topobase

AutoCAD® Map 3D

AutoCAD Map 3D mapping software is built on the latest release of AutoCAD® software, and it's enhanced with a suite of geospatial tools and features. These core capabilities make it easy to share data across your organization. AutoCAD Map 3D functionality enables engineers, planners, mapping technicians, surveyors, and GIS personnel to access, edit, visualize, and analyze a variety of CAD and spatial data.

Map 3D Features

  • Easy-to-use ribbon interface
  • Direct data access
  • Map creation and stylization
  • Analysis capabilities
  • CAD editing on geospatial data
  • COGO and survey functionality
  • Publishing tools
  • Extensibility via open source

AutoCAD Map 3D

NuMap 2.3 Released!

Spatial Network Solutions is pleased to announce the release of NuMap 2.3. This release of NuMap runs on AutoCAD Map 3D 2010.

NuMap is an AM/FM system built explicitly for small and medium sized utilities. The product provides a utility context and excellent mapping tools built on the AutoCAD Map platform. Functionality includes electric network connectivity management, data integrity verification, context sensitive data entry and domain specific query functionality.  NuMap also includes functionality to export data to Milsoft’s WindMil package.

Spatial Network Solutions is a development partner and a service partner with Autodesk Inc. The world's leading digital design and content company.  NuMap is recommended by Autodesk as an upgrade for their discontinued GenMap System.

NuMap Features

  • Improved Query Functionality
  • Facility Insertion
  • AutoCad/Database Synchronization
  • Facility Property Edit
  • Connectivity Creation & Analysis
  • Facility & Feeder Query
  • Data Integrity Validation
  • Customer Outage
  • Customizeable Numbering Rotines