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SNS‘s team of professionals has over 75 years of combined experience using, configuring, providing customizations and enhancements for Autodesk Utility Design. We knew AUD before it was AUD. Our guiding business principle is that adding value to the customer leads to competitive advantage and profit. Furthermore, customer value is best added through intimate customer relationships and disciplined business/engineering processes.

Experiencing Turnover?

Utilities are losing senior designers. Help offset this loss of valuable knowledge by implementing Autodesk Utility Design now. AUD can support beginner designers and help build consistency throughout your organization. AUD can cut a designers work load by 50% from using straight AutoCAD. Experience the value of having automated material selection and ordering.

New White Papers

Spatial Network Solutions (SNS) is pleased to announce a series of white papers covering utility process and systems improvement/automation. These white papers deal with utility work processes and software engineering best practices for systems implementation, while remaining vendor/product neutral.

The first document  titled, Utility Design Maturity Model: A Tool for Understanding Design Improvement. This document is intended to be used as a tool for conceptually benchmarking your organization’s design processes and providing you with guidance for improvement of those processes. View PDF Click Here to view.

The second document titled, Automating Design for Utilities: Key Considerations and Success Factors. This document focuses on key considerations for successful implementation of software automation for utility design/staking work.
View PDF Click Here to view.

Autodesk Partner
Spatial Network Solutions is a development partner and a service partner with Autodesk. Autodesk, Inc. is one of the world's leading digital design and content companies. NuMap is recommended by Autodesk as an upgrade for their dis- continued GenMap System.
Interview with Adley Harms,
Autodesk Consulting Delivery Manager

Describe relationship:
"In my role at Autodesk, I manage the delivery group for Autodesk consulting in the Americas. I have the people who implement the projects. My job is to make sure we have the projects we sell staffed correctly."

My relationship with SNS:
"SNS is a trusted partner I’ve used for many years..."

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Latest News

Upcoming Webinar: Improving the Design Process for Utilities

Join Spatial Network Solutions and Brockwell IT Consulting July 26th for an enlightening webinar specifically for utilities interested in improving their design process. Please click here to register.

Brockwell IT Consulting Forges Strategic Alliance with Spatial Network Solutions

Brockwell IT Consulting is joining with Spatial Network Solutions in providing delivery of consulting, training and implementation of geospatial asset management systems for utilities. Brockwell IT Consulting and Spatial Network Solutions will bring together some of the most experienced geospatial consultants in the industry. Together, these two companies will create a team of consultants that will be able to handle the increasing demand for upgrading asset management systems for the electric utility industry. View PDF See full Press Release Here

John Yetter Discusses Utility Design Maturity Model at AU Roundtable

Four members of the SNS staff taught classes at Autodesk University 2010.

John Yetter instructed the class on ‘AUD Engineering: Analysis in Detail’.
Brek Graham did ‘Best Practices for Topobase Mapping in Utilities’.
Jason Kagel along with Adley Harms of Autodesk instructed ‘Topobase Mapping’.
 and  'Structuring a Successful AUD Implementation Project'.
Jim Bower taught ‘RUS and AUD: A New Way to Get Up and Running Quickly’.


Click here to view a class or download class handouts.

Overton Power District 5 Uses NuMap

Spatial Network Solutions (SNS) is proud to announce that Overton Power District 5 in Overton, NV and Grady EMC in Cairo, GA as our latest NuMap users.

Brand New AUD Configuration Service

SNS is pleased to announce a service offering for the Autodesk Utility Design (AUD) software solution to support Rural Utility Services (RUS) standards from the Rural Electric Association (REA).

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